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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
Frankly, I think DOJ is mistaken in their reply.

The serial numbers of handguns sold through FFLs are electronically (since 1998) reported to DOJ via the DROS process. (PC 28160 (a)(12) )

I would be quite surprised if those complete records were not entered directly into their database of firearms.

The 20-year thing is for Federal 4473s. (27 CFR 478.129 - Record retention)
Sorry I didn't write in my post all of the contents in the DOJ letter. The letter response from DOJ indicates that they discard the information with the serial numbers from the DROS after 5 days of the DROS period of time. It was an interesting enough response from DOJ that I have made copies and kept it with my firearms records. Obviously they felt it was legit enough to respond in writing to me.
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