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Originally Posted by Shinobi'sZ View Post
I have a question regarding your statement for accuracy. I sent a norterized form into CalDOJ requesting them to send me a copy of the records they had regarding the firearms I owned. I received back a letter stating that they don't maintain records of serial numbers except for those firearms that were voluntarily registered. The only firearms (serial #) reported were ones that I had to volunteer to register as a requirement for me to get my CCW permit. Other handguns and rifles that I owned did not appear.

It is my understanding that it is the FFL who is required to maintain records for up to 20 years, not DOJ.
Frankly, I think DOJ is mistaken in their reply.

The serial numbers of handguns sold through FFLs are electronically (since 1998) reported to DOJ via the DROS process. (PC 28160 (a)(12) )

I would be quite surprised if those complete records were not entered directly into their database of firearms.

The 20-year thing is for Federal 4473s. (27 CFR 478.129 - Record retention)
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