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Originally Posted by Bill Steele View Post
I like using a separate crimp die, but I do not like the Lee FCD, especially with the larger calibers, like .45 ACP and .44RM. For now, just get the three die set. On a single stage press, crimping while seating will eliminate an extra step. If you find you like reloading and start shooting more, you may decide to move up to a press like a Lee Classic Turret or a progressive, at this time get a crimp die. My recommendation at that time would be to buy a Dillon crimp die from Brian Enos.

This is in direct contrast to The Book of Lee in that it states that all of Lee stuff is the best and most reasonable and priced better than all else who oppose.

With that said, why are these other crimp dies better to have then the Lee FCD? Will you please expand upon this answer? I still do not have a clear idea about factory crimp dies except that the Lee will not crush your case like the bullet seater/crimp does and what is the difference between the crimp for the 44mag FCD and the 44mag carbide bullet seater /crimping die ?

I know I was horrified to see that brass case smashed on one side and I NEVER want to do it again.
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