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Lee manual removed.

Lyman manual added.

Primer flip tray added.

(2) 2-packs of bushings, case trimmer/lock stud, case length gage, and depriming die added.

I'm up to $227 now.

Thanks for the information on powders and primers, the AA#9 looks like a good way to go. Being able to load lighter is important, as I definitely want to be able to do some .44 special power rounds for my girlfriend to shoot. She's a bit intimidated by the magnums at this point. Hopefully I can find some supplies locally (San Jose/Santa Cruz area) to avoid shipping/hazmat/etc for right now.

I would classify myself as a patient and detail-oriented person, definitely. I've watched some videos on the included beam scale, and I can see getting along with it for a good while. I have good digital calipers already, so that's covered. Regarding case length gauges and trimmers, how necessary are those on rounds being used exclusively in a revolver? My understanding is that many semi-autos are finicky about length, revolvers not so much. Or am I confusing OAL with case length? How much does .44 brass stretch with normal rounds? Do I need a separate crimping die, and should I get the separate de-priming die to keep the sizing die clean? Will my head explode before I figure all this out?

Thanks again.

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