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Ahoy there!

couple of other suggestions:

Check Amazon for some of your supplies. If you do Amazon prime, free for one month, it's saves on shipping.

Digital caliper: Neiko caliper

Reloading manual: Lyman 49th edition

get a case length gauge and lock stud, cutter is included in the anniversary kit, the gauge and holder aren't included.

some bushings. Kit only comes with one.

I like using the balance beam scale. It's a little slow but my loads are very consistent.

As far as using a bucket to catch the spent primers after decapping, the kit comes with a catch tube.

ammo case? maybe? So you can keep tabs of your different reloads.... type of bullet, type of powder, type of casings.... yada,yada,yada.
Or you can just use freezer ziplock bags
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