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A word or two on brass cleaning...

I have a thumler and I use it for wet brass cleaning. If you do not shoot a lot then get the harbor freight special for about $35.00 and use it but I wanted the wet cleaner because I did not want to deal with TOXIC dust and buying cleaning media all the time for super expensive prices (unless you go to a feed store to buy it).

There are some good threads here on cleaning your cases with SS pins and water. I started one

On top of that, if you are like me (and God forbid that you are) you might want to pick up a Lee Hand Press for about $25.00 from midway (that was what mine cost) and get a Lee universal decapping die then use the shellholder from your 44 set on the die to deprime all of your brass.

The mentality is like this, use the decapper in front of your tv or whatever you do at night and deprime your shells that you have collected. Then clean them, then reload them. That way the only press subjected to the dirt is the handpress. Yeah it is a few more dollars but would you rather sit in front of your press with dirty primer pockets or watch tv and get a headstart on them?

I like doing things like that. When I got my thumler it was so easy to just start tossing batches in to be cleaned... MATTER OF FACT, THAT is the ONLY part of reloading that is SOLID and REPEATABLE... I can give you a recipe for cleaning shells with water and pins and it will not matter how long your truck is, how many doors your house has, or how many outlets are in your garage. They will always be nice and clean... Can't say that about loads because there are too many variables.

wow, I will never stop surprising me with the things I think up.

Experienced reloaders the world over are LTAO right now...
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