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Default is a good, inexpensive source for jacketed projectiles, which if you're going to load full power .44 Magnum is a good idea. No leading and no ripping the plating off your bullets when you shoot them.

I use H-110 for my .460 S&W Magnum but you have to be careful with it since you can only download 3% from published loads before you get into inconsistency and pressure problems. Another powder is probably a better choice to start with, especially if you want to be able to load .44 Special rounds as well. Your dies should handle both, so the only thing you need is the cases.

Midway has the Lyman 1200 Pro tumbler on sale right now for $47. I've been using one for over a year with no problems. Once fired brass is available in the Marketplace all the time and you might even check craigslist for it.

You'll want large magnum pistol primers for .44 Mag and regular large pistol for .44 Special. If you've got a reloading supplier near you, you can get them in 100 packs for about $3. No need to buy 1000 right off the bat if you're trying to be concious of your initial investment. Just be aware that reloading supplies are in short supply these days so get enough to last you a few months, at least.

Bullets don't go bad, so again, watch the Marketplace for people selling excess. People that reload get rid of guns, too. So when they do, they usually have extra components they need to get rid of. I've gotten some killer deals on bullets, brass, primers and powder there, for things I didn't need right at that moment, but eventually needed and put to use.

If you've already got a lot of brass accumulated, I'd go ahead and get the tumbler, dies, book, loading block and press kit. You don't have to have a kinetic puller on day one. Any misloads can always be put aside to be dealt with later on. By getting those things right away, you can go ahead and start cleaning, decapping and resizing your brass, while you're reading through the book. After that's all done and you've read the book two or three times, pick up some bullets, powder and primers.

Good luck to you.

CORRECTION - Precision Delta does not offer bullets for .44 calibers

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