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Originally Posted by peopleofthesun View Post
Thanks for doing that. I'll be there around 11am too.

I was thinking we might need to put something up marking the entrance to the trail cuz it can be tricky to see the first time there. Any ideas?
That might help...

I'm not sure what rules there may be in the forest area, so I might suggest caution...

There is also a map link in this thread, and people could also use the general guidance "turn right on the next possible turn after the second brown forest sign you see after turning on 222 from 41.

Also, If anyone gets near, and if my reception at the site doesn't totally suck, I can be reached at (559) 425-6242. (This is a google voice number, and will be changed after this event.) Not sure if texts are forwarded...

Finally, if anyone wants to go early, and wants to caravan, you are welcome to follow me up.
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