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Default Glass Factory - It needs a little TLC

It should come as no surprise, the range is pretty trashed (and we still have a large pile to clean up from last time). I know we try to get out there about every three months so I figured we should start planning the next one now.

I am thinking as long as Marborg is willing to donate a dumpster or two and we have some volunteers we should try and get a clean up going for the end of May or first half of June and pick up where we left off last time.

It would be a good idea to contact Larry to get his help in closing the range. I believe Patobravo has the signs we used last time.

I am free most weekends, but Saturdays generally work better for me.

So who is in and when can you come?

When: June 16th POSTPONED


1. ckprax
2. gtturboex
3. TacticalPlinker
4. Deadbolt
5. Dakine surf
6. imfletch
7. mitchellb3
8. Travis 590A1
9. P.W.

Anyone else? If I missed anyone please pm me or post in the thread.

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