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Originally Posted by peopleofthesun View Post
I'll probably be bringing my son and one of my bros.

My checklist

Rakes, gloves, shovels, trash bags, tri tip.


44 mag super blackhawk, Beretta 9mm and 40 cal.

My son (and I) have been wanting to shoot an AR and AK. By any chance will any of you let us shoot yours? I'll provide the ammo just let me know the if you have any preference of ammo. Thanks.
You're welcome to try out the AR & AK's I'm bringing.
.223/5.56(rifle), 5.45x39(rifle) & 7.62x39(rifle & pistol) You're welcome to use my ammo if you just want to kick in a couple bucks, buying the russian stuff off the shelf is ridiculously expensive, I just get it mail order or at gun shows.
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