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Originally Posted by MikeEstep View Post

DATE: April 28th, 2012

WHERE: Bass Lake shooting range

TIME: 1300

I would like to get input on my ideas, and also a head count. It might be a bring your own meat to BBQ or if we have some people that wouldn't mind donating to the event. I will be bringing up a few 55 gallon drums to haul trash, some rakes, and a Costco size roll of trash bags.

People Going and what they are bringing:

1. Lives In Fresno
2. Peopleofthesun- Tri-Tip
4. Blackandredwarrior
5. Adam B.
6. gsrious
7. 10RNDr- Tri-Tip
8. Hot links
Looking at the thread, it looks like only one person is bringing water. Anyone like pepsi? I can bring some if you guys want. Only 9 are on the list (once you add me) so I'm guessing a 24 pack would be enough?????
are some of you bringing friends and family? If yes, I'll bump it up to 48 cans.

Originally Posted by peopleofthesun View Post
Hey. You can ride with me from like Oakhurst if you want. I should have room.
" Live In Fresno" offered to give me a ride about 2 hours ago. He wasn't sure if he would have room. I'll see what he says. Do you know a good spot where I can park my car while I ride up there with one of you guys?

thanks for the offer
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