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Default Suport Hand Placement

[QUOTE=retired;8409636I noticed in the videos on the first page, the shooters would touch their chests with their weak hand as they drew their guns. I have never seen anything like that before. My training (le) didn't involve that move. Would someone who has been there please provide their rationale for doing so if you know it.[/QUOTE]

Getting the support hand to the mid-section is a safety and defensive manuver. If the hand is against the body, it cannot get accidentially shot as it can if dangling in space out front. Secondly it's defensive. If my support hand (neither of my hands are weak) is already at my mid-section I can deflect or parry in coming hands or strikes. At that location my support hand is waiting for the gun to arrive, not the other way around. Many shooters present (read:draw) slowly because their firing side hand with the gun in it has to wait for the support side to catch up.

Nothing drives the later part home like the humbling experience of particating in the FS Handgun Combat Master Prep course. Seven tenths of a second is the presentation goal. React, grip and present to pointed in 7/10 of a second. If your support hand is NOT there waiting for a cannot make that goal, period.
The Swede and I took the 4 day FSCHM Prep class last week. OMGosh I have some work ahead of me. Zero down on the standard 4DDHG test, then 9 down on the Intermediate test, so far so good. Then came the Advanced Test and the wheels came off my "race car". With an average shot to the CO Cavity (read:face shot) at 7 yards required in, they say in 1.5 seconds but I timed it, your actual "face time" (full frontal aspect) is 1.25 seconds. I found the limiit of my equipment and ability quickly. The Swede made it look easy. Two other shooters were "in the hunt" with scores from 68 to 70+ points down. 40 is the maximum down and pass. but anyone under 100 is on the right track.
Now understand the Master test has nothing to do with combat, it is a qualification course that tests a number of skill sets that may or may not assist you in a gunfight and it is a's really, really hard.
It's 80 rounds total from "close contact" (two rounds-1sec.) to 50 yards (2 rounds 6 sec.) How about a Response Rear drill? React, turn, present and fire 1 shot in 1.4 seconds at 7 yards...hard to believe but very doable with a fast reaction and presentation. With turning targets there is no doubt if you were late or missed. as I so aply found out.
My score improved with each test, but I never got under time.
If you've DG'd the basic and taken Advanced Handgun Tactics you can try your hand at the Masters test. Only 13 men have passed the this test (FSHCM)...could you be #14? At any rate you'll see some amazing speed and accuracy performed before your very own eyes.
Just be advised, the last certified FSHCM stopped counting how many attempts he had made to pass after 80. It is tough, but it's has been done, which makes it a valid test of skill(s).
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