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Default The Yugo 59/66A1

These rifles are very common on today's market. It is not California legal and yet it is California legal. The argument on these rifles is the "Grenade Launcher." The Cal legal you will find has a muzzle brake that has been spot welded to the barrel. This one here was spot welded and then removed to be replaced with the GL that was once attached to a yugo 59/66. I like mil-surp weapons as origial as original can be. It has been argued in the past here CG but, I bought the part legally and have papers. The barrels are not chrome lined like others so when using corrosive ammo be sure to clean properly. The stocks on these are 2" longer than the M59 and all together a bit heavier. These rifles are still being used in some 3rd world countries. This one was made in 1985 at Preuzece 44 in the city of Kragujevac.

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