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Originally Posted by VtotheZ View Post
Just got back from my second 4DDH... I had Chacci for my Range master, but I have had Larry (who is now quality control) the first time and he is like a jedi. Also Greg Urandetta is freaking awesome and is VERY very informative and professional. I love frontsight, I am a Diamond member now, and plan on taking the practical shotgun next year.

I missed my Distinguished Graduate by ONE POINT!!!! ARGHHHH! I had 11 points docked for my shooting and 3 for my malfunction drills. Either way I blame it on my type 3, I was late on one of them. I even dry practiced the night before (at the saddle west)

All in all its a great place...
Yeah, I feel your frustration there. I missed by one point my first time through as well and it pissed me off for two years. (I'm super competitive with myself.) Needless to say, I was VERY intent on passing this time. Shooting is such a mental thing and Larry made a really good point on Day3. He said "we all go through peaks and valley's so don't get caught up in the valley's. Be proud of the peaks and train so that the swings between the two aren't so big." Great advice for sure....
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