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Originally Posted by 32blownhemi View Post
Thanks for the info! ; )... I talked to them today & switched to all new rounds. I don't want to find out what their definition of "quite a bit longer" is!!! Bill
ps, they said their waiting on the bullets & they should be in this week. Shipping next week...
Glad to hear it! The 9mm reloads I asked for instead of the "quite a bit longer" wait for the .45 reloads should be arriving tomorrow.

Originally Posted by mr821907 View Post
Ha ha ha I'm at 11xx. Guess I'll be getting a surprise box for Christmas.

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I think I may opt to not get in line again until they get through their current backlog... a quick call + a trip to Glendale = ammo for just a few more $ than JR ammo with a 2 month delay. =)
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