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Originally Posted by DocCrazyJ View Post
From my understanding of it u would have to apply tithe San Diego County Sherrifs department.

I did hear from a LEO buddy I mine yesterday that it is getting a little easier in SDC but I don't know how accurate that is or what exactly it he means by "easier".
If a little easier means they dropped some of their illegal app requirements (like requiring referecne letters) so as to be in compliance with the law, then's gotten a little easier to apply at least. Haven't heard anything regarding it getting easier to actually get approved tho.

Although I was suprised by some of the approved GC statements I read in the sub-forum. Especially the ones granted to those for the purposes of Exec. Protection / Body Guard work. Granting such permits seems hypocritcal because they are giving a permit to someone with no specific threat against themselves to hire themselves out as a hired gun to "protect" people who may or may not have any threat or GC to need armed protection themselves, or at least not GC that has been reviewed by the sheriff.

So I can hire someone to carry a gun for me when I have no specific need or threat, but I cant get a permit to carry a gun to protect myself? That's just BS.
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