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Originally Posted by GillaFunk View Post
Just pick a weekend a few weeks out. Say, early to mid-May. It should be dry by then so we don't get covered in mud, or get our vehicles stuck in it. Get enough people committed, and a BLM big dumpster....we'll whip that place into shape.

weekend May 17/18/19?? Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun??

That will give BLM enough time to coordinate support/logistics, enough time for us to get the word out and plan for it.

Doing it over 2 days would allow different people to show up, so its not limited to one day and who can come on that ONE day.

Pick a date, start a "Cow Mountain Range Clean-up Day May XX and XX" and a sign-up roster. Get enough singed up, and it would show BLM WE care and have NO intention of letting that place go to chit and allow it to be shut-down.

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I think they are on the right parth working with the BLM..
But they will need a good lead time like stated in past posts..
They have to advertise of the road closure and things like this..
Plus waiting a little longer will give the area to dry up...
You dont want to be picking up wet piles of trash thats for sure..
I may be able to talk to the guys at B2 and see if they can advertise the clean up in their store too..
I Was just tlaking about Cow Mountain with them last week when I was in there...

This is a great idea so please keep up 707-banter guys updated..
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