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Originally Posted by gesundheit View Post
I am interested in their 4 day practical rifle. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Also anyone taken these classes in June?
I believe this may have been posted before but it is a guide to improving your chances for a DG on the 4-day rifle course.

All those tips aside, I'd recommend taking an iron-sighted rifle for your first time. You'll really learn how to use and run iron sights which, IMHO, is an indispensable skill to have in-case your optic goes down and you have to go to BUIS. Since the rifle class is the hardest course to DG it will also give you a good foundation to come back with an optic and DG the course on your second try.

Other tips:
  • Take a backup rifle if you can (I saw a lot of AR's choke and go down during the class)
  • You only need two or three magazines as most drills are single-shot and then tac-reload, after-action drill, etc. and do the next drill. You don't shoot more than maybe 20 rounds total each time you're up on the line.
  • Take kneepads and some sort of foam or neoprene elbow pads. After the first time you flop down prone and land on empty brass or a piece of gravel with your knee or elbow you'll wish you had...
  • Thin "Mechanix" type gloves are nice especially if your rifle has any sharp edges.
  • Zero your rifle at 50yds before the class (confirm POI at 200 if you can before you leave, if not you'll do it as part of the class)
  • A sling is required, no need to out and buy a fancy single point sling a cotton USGI will work just fine
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