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Originally Posted by MCHK View Post
Took the low light / night class. Let's start by saying, "it was a dark and stormy night..."

So it wasn't enough of a challenge shooting in the dark, Stan had to throw in some rain to make it even more interesting. Let's see, glasses covered in rain and mist, check. Aimpoint lens fogged up, with raindrops obscuring vision, check. Rain and mist making it even more difficult to see, check. Amazing experience that opens up your eyes, check.

As usual, learned a lot about equipment and what works, and being placed in an unfamiliar environment made it even more of a learning experience. Excellent experience, and anyone who buys a handgun with the idea you may one day need it for self defense needs to take this class (several times).
You're so lucky. I've been hoping that it would rain on us one of these days when we're out there for a carbine course. So far all I've had is 30 mph wind for a pistol course with Stan.
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