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Originally Posted by john.t.singh View Post
Haha yah my buddy uses the tool attached to his mag also but so far I've been pretty fortunate with the tool.

We are actually taking 303 soon and he is running the ak. I think I'm going to actually run an AR pistol just to see how that's like. Might as well put everything to the paces.

You should be gtg with the ak though can't see why not minus fumbling with the mag release
Stan ran a pump shotgun at the 303 class I attended. Try that out and you'll see why the AR platform is the bomb. LOL.

Fumbling with the CA mag release is the problem. It's hard enough trying to seat the mag correctly on the AK then throw on top of it the need to get a tool to get the old mag out. Not as much fun or fast as it should be if there is someone shooting at you. But that's what we CA people have to deal with.
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