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Originally Posted by 762shooter View Post
Same here, me and a few others are interested, but it would depend on cost and availability of parts to finish. Are p229 parts compatible with the p228?
Some are, some aren't. Since you're building the frame, you have a bit more flexibility as to what will fit.

Personally, I'm planning to make one in .40 (if the frame holds that recoil), which involves P229 slide assembly, at the very least.

From what I've read, the main difference between P228 and P229 is in the slide assembly. P228 has a stamped slide, and while early P229s had a stamped slide, they moved to milled slides (to make way for higher pressure/recoil of .40). I haven't received my P229 slide, so I can't compare them side-by-side yet. I'll post the comparison when I do receive it.

The magwell is another thing. P229 mags are a bit wider, so while P228 mags would work in P229 (they'll just rattle a bit), P229 mags will not work in P228, unless you open up the magwell a bit. I've confirmed it with my KTO frame - P228 mags would fit too tight (had to file it a bit), and P229 9mm mags wouldn't fit at all. I'm planning to file some more to make them fit.

The frame parts should be the same.

As for the availability of parts, they're out there, from the likes of NUmrich and Top Gun Supply, and there's, of course, Gunbroker and Ebay (yep, people can sell most gun parts on Ebay now. I got both of my slides and barrels off Ebay). You'll have to be patient though, this isn't a project where you can get the frame from one established source, parts kit from another established source, and put it all together.
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