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Best class taken so far (in terms of actual, oh crap I might use this one day) was the Surefire Night Class.

Class starts off with light techniques to be used with handgun. Then when it gets dark we practice with the lights and handgun at different ranges. You really begin to see what works for you and what doesn't.

I would say about 50% of the class is dedicated to the pistol. After pistol is rifle which teaches you a few techniques with light off hand and with weapon mounted. Finally we finished with shotgun.

Few tips -

My gear hates me. I go to a range, it works fine. I take Stan's class and things start to fly off, jam, vanish etc etc.

Your gear... Simple is better in this case. Originally I ran a vest to hold my mags, shells, light etc... When it gets dark and you are trying to change mags or clear a jam, trying to find a mag on your vest is stupidly hard. Unless you draw from your vest every day and are just so use to it, I would strongly suggest simple. Next time I take this class I will two mags on a belt holster.

Have a small table with your ammo can on it. Throw in a glow stick. Nothing more exhausting then trying to load ton's of ammo on the ground in the dark. Feeling around for ammo sucked. At night it gets cold and everything gets wet. I wish I brought a small table so I could stand and load and stay off the ground.

I used a bullet button tool on my finger. During 101 and 202 I was zipping my reloads like it was no ones business. At night, not so much. Trying to find that bullet button is really really really not fun when it's dark.

Finally, make sure you have a good hand held light. It should have a pressure switch sensitive enough that you can activate it with your palm while squeezing it between two fingers. The simpler the light is the better (see a theme coming here?). I had a Lumaforce light I got from the gun show that was top of the line a billion features. That bad boy could strobe, pulse, and had 3 different light settings...

Which sucks *** when you are trying to clear a jam in the dark, fumble for a reload, shoot one handed while at a 45 degree cant, all while remembering to move after you shoot, to scan with your weapon and eyes and screaming "GET OF OF MY HOUSE". I kept on turning on the wrong mode for the light which caused strobe when wanted always on. Really pissed me off, now I got to find a stupider flashlight with less gizmo's.

Honestly there was an overload of information but I definitely want to come back and see if I can process it better the next round. This is one of the better classes I took.
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