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Another member and I took Stan's rifle 101 this past weekend. Excellent course, good price, and best of all, excellent instructor.

My background: Have recently purchased my first firearm last month, so I don't know anything at all. Same with the other member. I came into Rifle 101 using a mini-14 ranch rifle.

Impressions as a beginner: This course is an absolute must, IMO, for every rifle owner. The fundamentals of shooting, safety, different positions, and learning how to zero your rifle are absolutely critical and I am thankful for having the chance to explore these concepts in this class (which is what I expected). The topics covered in the course were well worth the excellent value of $75. The well planned drills in the course content were excellent and gave me the confidence to do small maneuvers with a firearm.

Impressions on the instructor: Stan is one of the best instructors I've had (I've gone through 2 martial arts, tracking instructors, photography, and school). His outgoing and approachable demeanor made me comfortable asking questions at any time. Stan also remained very professional throughout the course, and I was comfortable giving him my trust during the drills. The learning style he had was "learn by doing" and it felt really natural- a little formal classroom talk with A LOT of exercises and drills. Although this course was geared towards AR15's, Stan was mindful of my mini 14. The best quality about Stan as an instructor was his patience and concern about the learning experience of his students. My partner and I had a lot of clarification questions that he gladly answered, and was accommodating to some of my equipment malfunctions.

Summary: Rifle 101 is an essential course that teaches the basics of rifle handling, safety, and marksmanship. What makes The Academy of Saint Crispian unique is Stan. He has all the right qualifications and experience, the best qualities of a teacher, and a "let's do it!" attitude. The course is more enjoyable when you could feel that the instructor is enjoys what he does. Also, the course pricing is a really good deal!!! I will definitely be seeing Stan again for future courses.
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