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Well i though i'd never speak to a minuteman but whatever, this is a gun forum. what do you need to carry a gun for? Oh and i'm pretty sure it's not legal your in commiefornia buddy!
5150-417, why would you attack a new member who only has 2 posts.

I don't know why you never thought you'd speak to a minuteman. Sounds like that could be an attack without further info. I hope I'm wrong.

Also, why would you question him as to why he wants to carry a gun. There is this funny little amendment called the 2nd that permits that. Personally, I wouldn't carry open unless I was in a rural area or on my own property that was some distance from other homes, but that's me.

In your first post on this thread, you mention you are 19 and want to enter le. It appears by your handle; 5150-417, you are a bit over eager IMO. For those who don't know what that means, I'll explain. 5150 is a Welfare and Institutions Code that pertains to individuals who are a grave danger to themselves or others. It permits le to put them in involuntary protective custody and transport them to a mental facility where they can be evaluated by psych personnel. 417 refers to the Penal Code section re brandishing a firearm.

So, you're saying you are mentally ill and carry a weapon...or am I misunderstanding that. I wonder why you'd be joking about that, considering your career goal.

After spending almost 3 decades in le, that stands the hair up on the back of my neck from someone so young who wants to enter le, goes by that handle and who feels it his "duty" to challenge someone who is merely introducing himself and is asking a question.

Yes, I'm new to this site also and I apologize for the long post. I also apologize to the mods if this violates some rule I'm not aware of, but I normally am one to speak up when I believe something unjust has been said.

Also, just a fyi; I do not know Mike and this is the first post I've read by him.

Welcome Mike. Thanks for being a member of the Minutemen; you are at least attempting to do something about the border problem (peacefully I hope), which the govt. refuses to do so.

I already spoke my mind about open carry. Based on my experience, if you did so in a urban/surburban setting at in a retail outlet and I was a bad guy intending to hold up a store you were in, you'd be the first one I would take out. Something you might want to think about.

Hopefully I won't be banned from the site for this post as I'm here to learn.

ETA: I reread this today (11-26) and realized I goofed when I put the word "not" in the sentence, "but I am normally not one to speak up..." That didn't make any sense and I hope everyone realized what I meant. I have since removed the not and my true meaning is now there.

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