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I have a neat little trick I figured out using Firefox, an add-on, and the search tool bar in the upper right corner. This way you don't have to remember to go to the bookmark first.

When I needed to buy something, I was forgetting to go to the bookmark first. As I just go to the search engine bar and change to Amazon at the top and type what I need. This will allow me to continue this practice, while ensuring the referral is used.

Download add-on "Add to Search Bar"
*I did not create the add-on, and not affiliated with it in any way.*

Click on the referral link or open from bookmark

With the newly installed add-on, right click on the search bar on the Amazon page. Select "Add to Search Bar".

Now give it a name, "CGF referral link" or whatever you want.

Go up to the search engine bar and "Manage Search Engines". Remove the original Amazon Search Engine.

Now when you search using Amazon in the search bar in Firefox, the referral will be used!

(Look at the top in the address bar to confirm you see "calgunfounda")
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