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Originally Posted by ErikTheRed View Post
I'm gonna catch hell for this, I just know it..... .
As well you should, your thoughts on other outdoor people's interests, and as a proclaimed sportsman, well, they suck.

I live in bear country and have spent probably twice the field time in my life as you have and I've only seen a dozen or so bruins in the wild. They are very shy by nature and want nothing to do with man, ever...

Back to your way of thinking...MI had a dove season until HSUS and "hunters" who didnt have an interest in dove hunting and who voted no on a dove hunt extension banned the season.

Erik, just because YOU dont participate in a form of hunting, YOU being a 'sportsman' or saying that you are one, you have to support others rights to enjoy their sport period.

I am not a fan of pistols, I actually hate them, but I support your right or anyone elses right to have them. Erik, ya dig?
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