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Default FRESNO: National forest sight clean up 4-28-12

Well after spending some time up at the bass lake range, Ive noticed the area has been neglected over some time. Most of the area is shells and casing, glass from people shooting bottles, some old records, metal pieces from various targets. I was approached last week by a gentleman who proposed the idea about having a range clean up. We have thrown some ideas around and some dates and other various things. I have wondered about the locals that shoot there, I don't want to step on someones toes, but I have no idea what to do about the locals that are up there shooting when we are planning on cleaning, Anyone have any ideas? We have decided to make it a clean up, which wont take much time, following have a few targets set up to shoot and Ill be bringing up a BBQ. WHATS BETTER THAN HAVING A CLEAN AREA TO SHOOT AND A BBQ?!?!?

DATE: April 28th, 2012

WHERE: Bass Lake shooting range

TIME: 1300

I would like to get input on my ideas, and also a head count. It might be a bring your own meat to BBQ or if we have some people that wouldn't mind donating to the event. I will be bringing up a few 55 gallon drums to haul trash, some rakes, and a Costco size roll of trash bags.

People Going and what they are bringing:

1. Lives In Fresno
2. Peopleofthesun- Tri-Tip
4. Blackandredwarrior
5. Adam B.
6. gsrious
7. 10RNDr- Tri-Tip
8. Hot links

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