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Default Butte Co Sheriff needs to follow the law...

Originally Posted by Nor Cal Scot View Post
I talked with Sean at Safer Arms. He informed me that one only need to be registered for a class within the thirty days. The actual class does not need to take place within the thirty days. I will call the Sheriff's Office this morning to confirm.
Even if Sean at Safer Arms is correct, it does not jive with...

Originally Posted by blakdawg View Post
...when the background check letter comes back OK, the SO sends you a "training authorization" letter that says "THIS LETTER IS VALID FOR 30 DAYS".

And assuming this is all a misunderstanding and it is simply a requirement to register for a class within thirty days, what are the consequences to not registering for a LTC class within the Sheriff's perscribed timetable?

Ultimately, if his approval is still contingent upon acting within a timetable that is not his to set, it is still an abuse of his discretion. When he says "Yes", the only way I believe it can lawfully become "NO" is for you to be a prohibited person or permanently move out of state.

Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim -- when he defends himself -- as a criminal. Bastiat

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