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Originally Posted by iidx View Post
They processed the refund for my two orders on March 7th, still no money back on my CC. Going to contact them again to see what's up.

I've gone through almost 2000 rounds of 9mm from freedom with another 2000 rounds to go. Good thing for them or I'd be stuck with my local walmart that has no ammo!

Once JR gets caught up to real time shipping I will probably order from him.
Why would you order from some one that doesn't deliver to your needs?


I don't have a hardon for jr ammo, but freak show ammoo tainted me. Tell me I'm wrong
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We will win. We are right. We will never stop fighting.
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They don't believe it's possible, but then Alison didn't believe there'd be 350K - 400K OLLs in CA either.
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Our fate is ours alone to decide as long as we remain armed heavily enough to dictate it.
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