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Okay, I would like to know if it is better to wait 5-6 weeks or more for JRA's ammo or go to Freedom. I tried Freedom a few weeks ago and my G19 Gen 4 did not like it but the G17 RTF2 did and so did my XDM 5.25 So I am kind of torn between waiting 1.5 mos or getting ammo that my 19 (primary pistol) will not like. I do not have the new ejector on my Gen 4, but I do have the new recoil spring setup. I tried about 50 rounds of it through the 19, and 50 through the XDM. The 19 would fail to feed / double feed and or stove pipe. I reload somewhat weak loads just for plinking but I also use jhp's so I am not sure if that is the difference or not. All I know is that I could not get the 19 to shoot at a good rate of fire with the Freedom stuff, but with my reloads it would shoot and I was able to shoot it faster. I have been shooting Glock's since 1993 and therefore I know how to shoot them,I was not limp wristing.

If I have to I will make a new thread in the Ammo section as to get better feedback, so if anyone has tried JRA and can vouch for it feeding fine besides the Sig that blew up please let me know. Thanks!
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