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It seems every time an issuing agency is educated- (even ones reputed to be friendly to LTC) it seems to me that the agency will look for another way to futz with an applicant.

First, this letter of 'training authorization' is something that the Butte County Sheriff has made up... or at least renamed the statutory approval/denial letter that one is supposed to recieve within the designated timeframe after their application has been received. Second, the Sheriff appears to be imposing an expiration date on his approval- which is exceeds his authority to impose. You are either approved or denied and any disqualifying event or circumstance subsequent to the application would invalidate the license once it was issued anyway.

Were it me, I would probably be inclined to write a letter (certified, return reciept requested) requesting an extention given the scheduling circumstances, citing the probability that you would have to take time off work and indicate that such expirations of approval exceed his discretion. This would be after of course, consulting with Wildhawker.

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