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Originally Posted by Nor Cal Scot View Post
Nice! Who are you using for class? I'm thinking of Flying Brass once I receive my approval to proceed.
I'm not sure who I'm going to use - had planned to use Safer Arms because I've been going there with my wife to practice (she is also getting her CCW) and she wanted to take the class where we've practiced.

but . . .

when the background check letter comes back OK, the SO sends you a "training authorization" letter that says "THIS LETTER IS VALID FOR 30 DAYS".

So we went to Safer Arms yesterday for some more practice (we're both consistently shooting well enough to qualify, but my wife is very competitive and wants to be perfect, not adequate) and tried to sign up for the class . . . but they don't have any classes available for 3 weeks, and my authorization letter will expire before the next Saturday class, and my wife has class on Tuesday nights.

OK, I thought, I'll use that Caleb/Flying Brass guy, people seem to like him . . . except his classes are on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, and yesterday was the 3rd Saturday in March, and he's not doing a class on the 1st Saturday in April for some reason . . . so he won't have a class for another month, which is also after my training letter expires.

OK, cool, I'll use Chico Rod & Gun, they seem like nice guys from their video stuff online and I've been wanting to check out their facilities . . . but their classes are on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, which I've just missed by 2 days, and my letter will expire before the 1st Friday in April.

So now I'm down to the last 2 people in Butte County on the list - one of them is Forrest Holmbach, who is one of the head folks at Paradise Rod & Gun Club, and he seems like a good guy from what I can find on the Internet, so I'll give him a call tomorrow and see what his story is - the other authorized instructor has no information available, will probably give him a call, too.

So I'm gonna get it done, even if it means I have to take a day off from work, but this 30 day authorization thing is a pain in the *** if the class providers are only going to offer 1 or 2 classes per month.

Reorganizing my schedule or missing a day of work is still much, much better than things are for most of CA (by population) - so I'm aware that in the big picture, this is a minor thing - but, arrgh, it's frustrating to get so close and then have the bureaucratic crap slow it down further.

So the moral of this story is - when you get your letter, get your class lined up right away. I waited a little while because my wife's authorization letter was a week behind mine in the mail, and she bought a new gun that's still in the 10-day hold at the FFL, and she wants to put that gun on her permit, so we have to take the class after she picks up the new gun . . but, all things considered, I'm lucky to live in a county where getting a CCW is pretty easy, and to have a wife that likes to shoot and buy new guns and get a CCW.
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