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Originally Posted by allright View Post
Yup, I do know the pain, and I'm not complaining about the up-front charge, just the lack of effective communication.
I hear you. If I have something out of stock, I call the customer right away. Time and time again, the customer is blown away I called. It actually saves the sale every time.

Reverse side is, do you want him making calls or making ammo? lol. It's tough right now in this industry. If anyone is really upset. Send an email, give him "x" to reply, then file a charge back. No need to keep throwing salt at the wound.

No, before its asked. I don't know him nor have ever bought from him. Just trying to show another angle.

Maybe someone who knows him can have him do a quick post and explain a few things to keep the lynch mob happy Might not be a bad idea.
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