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Originally Posted by dieyoung View Post
they will wait for a few more complaints then change there web page to say something else. the only reason they respond is if u havent cancel'd yet. as soon as u cancel they wont respond. thanks jack off! woops i ment ross
I did get a response after I cancelled when I asked about the status of my refund. I used a card from Citi, which is very slow in posting transactions, so I just wanted to check if he did his part. He responded within a day or two saying he did process the refund and that others were mentioning a 7 day wait to see it in their cc accounts.

Originally Posted by allright
In the meantime, FreedomMunitions and the like are capitalizing on JRA's mistake and making lots of happy new clients.
My order from Freedom shipped earlier this week but just FYI (in case you need something by a certain date), that was a week after my order and I sent them an email. No response to the email but my order shipped a day later. They did delay charging until the order shipped.

These are good deals but after a few thousand rounds, I'm thinking of going .22 to slow the cash flow

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