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by my estimation, with all the money they've collected "up front," they could hire a couple of folks to answer inquiries and refunds.

Their lack of response, and/or lack of addressing the question asked, is disturbing. It creates a trust issue, and that is NOT good for any business.

I am empathetic to their being overloaded, and with that said, I'm in disagreement with their business practices. As stated previously, I knew there'd be the wait and the up-front charge to the CC. JRA's total disregard for customer care WILL cost them in the end. This exercise of offering a great deal to promote business is a great idea, and not thinking it through is a bad thing.

I "think" if JRA communicated the delays and such to their customers, it would go a long way in getting them out of this costly jam they appear to be in.

In the meantime, FreedomMunitions and the like are capitalizing on JRA's mistake and making lots of happy new clients.

Too bad! :-/
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