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Post Another reply from Jack Ross Ammunition

OK, I ordered on 2/9, several hours before their site had the message they weren't taking any orders. I knew going in, it would take about 3-4 weeks and they would charge my CC immediately. However, I didn't know the status of my order due to the post on their site stating they were no longer taking orders (again, put up several hours after I ordered).

I called on three occasions, and left messages stating "I just want to insure my order got through, and what is the outlook for the order being shipped. I'm not in a huge hurry, I'd just like to know how much ammo to order from another vendor."

So yesterday, I sent them a note asking for a reply to the very same question. Here's their response.

We are currently processing orders from Jan 20th and are working forward. Last Tuesday a much needed new machine arrived to help us with this severe back log we have. We apologize for your wait and appreciate your business. If you would like to cancel please let me know ill completely understand. However if you can wait you will not be dissappointed in our product and we promise to try to improve in our customer service. Currently we do not employ someone to work the front desk and all employees are too busy on the floor.
Thank you for your time
Jamie Parker
p.s We orignally hoped to clear up everything by now but have had some issues with our own machines. We only put out the best product so it has been very hard to catch up. This is the owners wife. I have taken th job of answering emails to try to help out. I do understand the need for someone to work th phones too but cant swing that right now. I hope my email helps you out.
Does this seem they are falling further behind each day, as a week or so ago they were fulfilling orders for 1/19!

Man, I wish I could run my business like this!
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