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Said you were new to the game of match shooting and 1st time you ever pulled butts.
Just to ease your mind I will tell you this. The Marines try an never have 1 person pulling targets along! Why? Because it's to F'ing slow and can really screw up a a shooters score if you don't pull fast enough!
I could tell ya a story about a young recruit that was pulling alone, because his buddy went to sick bay, and was giving slow butt service. But I won't cause that'll would require me to tell a not so proud story about myself! So i will just say that the DI and I spent some " quality" time together on the red safety line behind the targets!
The 2 changes you intend on making will help you greatly. Another thing to remember is watch the berm for impacts. On rapid fire count the impacts! That way you know that you have the correct number of impacts when you pull the target and it is a hell of a lot easier to see the impact on the berm than it is to see the hole in the target.
Pulling targets sucks! Everytime I have ever done it it has been a workout! I just try and remember that hopefully the same attention and speed will put into pulling my target when I have to shoot!
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