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Originally Posted by racerx944 View Post
We probably have some mutual friends. Scott, owner of Renegade Hybrids used one of my chassis (later ran at Tribute to Lemans a few years back) to develop the first LSx conversion kits on a 944. The guy you know is probably a customer of Renegade since there are only a handful of street legal LSx converted 944s in this state.

Sounds like you have a b*tchin car. My project 944 is getting a BDS 671 on a SBC and 14" wide rear tires. Its nowhere near street legal but 700+hp should yank the front tires right off the ground.
Heard of don't know. I have a number of LS swapped vehicles, as well 2jed. Most are not kept in CA, but at a few of my properties, my current projects though are a newish GTR, that a friend test muled a v8 awd motorset from scratch-i purchased. A reproduction 15 silvia shell thats just sitting, a 370z LSX 376, a newish Z06 with an LSX 454 sitting still on stand. Wrapped up a colorado extreme LS3 stock swap not long ago, however waiting on new FRS from Scion, and a few other cars right now to join my private collection in CA.

Sema isn't that far away, and a friends private after party is where I will debut a few projects.

Anyhoots, sorry for confusing you with someone else :P

I need to get out to a few events at least this year if I can get time off
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