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Originally Posted by onequickshift View Post
RX944: You don't happen to live in Newport and rock a Porsche 944, with an LS1 with a supercharger do you? If so, its LS13!!!! The chick from the base meets, cpl years ago, 13 coupe, built up ls1 all motor? White car, electron red cage, red calipers, red bride seats, with a pooh bear on a noose hanging from rollcage rear? I kept eating doritos like a fiend!!! On another note, everyones just dogpiling cause the dude was a shmuck! He was trying to sully RG's name, and for what? What exactly for?
We probably have some mutual friends. Scott, owner of Renegade Hybrids used one of my chassis (later ran at Tribute to Lemans a few years back) to develop the first LSx conversion kits on a 944. The guy you know is probably a customer of Renegade since there are only a handful of street legal LSx converted 944s in this state.

Sounds like you have a b*tchin car. My project 944 is getting a BDS 671 on a SBC and 14" wide rear tires. Its nowhere near street legal but 700+hp should yank the front tires right off the ground.
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