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M-14 platform

Checked bolt face, Checked receiver bridge, checked firing pin. Can't figure WTH!
Did notice weapon seamed not to lock into full battery. Smith said I was "riding the charging handle." NOT!
Match smatch! I wasn't shooting for score. Shooting to have fun. Wasn't really concerned with score. First time with this weapon and this platform. A match is just a different name for practice right? Scores will come. I know I can shoot the eye outa flee at 400 yards! JK! Haven't shot this or any other weapon for distance for many years. Getting back into the game. I'm just pissed at the build! If ya had Sean the rifle after I got it after 9-10 months you're be pissed to! This FTF issue is just 1 of about 12 issues I had with the build!
I will try again this month with new ammo and see what happens. If it doesn't miracle it self into a fix I will be looming for some advise on a smith to send this thing to! It's NOT going back to the guy who built it! I wouldnt have him build me a dog house!
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