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I don't know the OP but I must admit, in my personal and professional life - many times the person/people bringing race to the equation is usually the one with a race issue (borderline racists?).

I must also say however, that many posts in this thread about race are a bit disturbing.

I'm a mutt (considered white/caucasian I guess), many of my friends and colleagues are full blooded various ethnicity... I don't (nor do people I respect) even acknowledge race unless it is mentioned or otherwise brought to attention. *I am against illegal immigration however - regardless of what country - but that's not really relevant here, I'm just being real...

As for Rifle Gear... I have been there twice, had exceptional customer service - I've dealt with them by phone and received professional courtesy... I met one of the associates at Burro Canyon a while back, he was a great guy... each of these encounters were various races - and honestly, I would have never thought to mention it had it not been for the racial crap being thrown around.

It's all fun & games to joke about racial this and racial that... but guys (and gals), please realize that all acknowledgement perpetuates racism... as I mentioned at beginning of this (long) post, often times its the people that bring up race are the ones with a race issue. Just about everything in life can be addressed without racial implications (and if you think not, maybe you need to consider your views on race).

Back to the actual topic... I don't know if the implied PMs that have been posted are real - but if they are, then Rifle Gear probably should post the video of what took place - since the guy is adamant about being ignored and not being on the phone (I find it hard to believe, but vid would end all question)... this is of course providing the posts about OPs PMs are real.
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