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Originally Posted by thebronze View Post
I'm going with Ron Etchells.

$175 flat rate and free re-quals for life!

I'll post a report when I'm done with the class.
Just an update of sorts (yes, i know last post was last year).
I contacted Ron Etchells from his website and he is no longer doing qualifications for Sacramento County
Too bad, I like the idea of free re-quals for life!!!

I just recently attended California Security Training Academy and like it very much. Yes, it's true what they say, it is a combination of guard/exposed carry and discrete-carry during the course-work. However, the instructor did a pretty good job to differentiate situations between exposed guard carry and discrete-carry folks.
The training was good enough for me to pass the firing-qualification for my first discrete carry.
The instructors were open to discuss the details of discrete-carry, so I came out of that class satisfied with the level of training I got.
CSTA also has an "advanced" course, which focuses more on the shooting element of things; drawing from the discrete carry holster, rapid firing, taking cover and firing from cover.
I'm planning to take that course very soon - before the weather gets too warm to enjoy the outdoors.
CSTA for discrete-carry course & quals is $100
The CSTA advanced handgun training is $75.

I know LFI is recommended by a lot of CalGun'ers - and I chose CSTA mainly because of locality - I'm hoping this can be a substitute for the time-being, until I can wake my butt up earlier enough to get out to SVSC.
I'll consider LFI for future training. It beats spending $15 every so often at the gun range just to send bullets down range. I like the holster aspect of shooting and the aspect of moving and/or then shoot.

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