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Got this little gem today after informing him that he failed to mention that he was on the phone, didn't speak up, threw his ticket on the ground, and walked out:

"You can see why I'm not in there answering these ridiculous questions.
My 'detailed' account states EXACTLY what I was doing when my number SHOULD have been called-but wasn't. All you need to do is READ what I wrote. I state exactly what I did, up to and including asking in my 'outside voice'(raised volume) WTF happened to number 14(?), and after nobody saying anything, bouncing
It's a moot point anyway, as I was MAYBE 3 feet from the counter. That store is very small. You could hear someone calling your number anywhere in it, provided the person saying it was speaking audibly.
In any event, I gotta take some gear down to the port, and get med and finance forms filled out
I really enjoyed these chats, but I'm leaving the country shortly, and won't be taking part anymore.
Unless/Until someone comes up an 'innocent' cause to what I saw/experienced, I'm standing by what I wrote.
In the end however, none of it means a damn thing, as it's all controlled by the Matrix anyway."

Guess he's the victim here...
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