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Originally Posted by SarcoBlaster View Post
Just got this as a visitor message from the OP after informing him his thread needed his attention:

"No, it actually doesn't.
I wrote a pretty detailed account from my perspective of my trip into RG in my post.
I left it for others to make up their mind's on their own.
I haven't been back to the thread, and don't plan to.
This is the internet, and thus I'm sure people with no life and nothing better to do, have created a soap opera.
As I wrote, my post is quite detailed, and all relevant information is contained in it."

Often times when someone gets ball sacked, they will reply with something like "This is the internet, and thus I'm sure people with no life and nothing better to do, have created a soap opera." What else is he ganna do or be able to say? Usually when one post a thread, they will return to view it on any forum, anywhere, because, that's why they are on a forum. lol. He's viewed here quite enough, maybe he didn't get the response he wanted, or maybe he just wanted to put his hand on the stove. Its ok. Ignorant and retarded people do as such so. Maybe he's just a pretty pretty princess who got his tw@t all hot pockered fresh from the flames...ouch. I would be hurt and crying in the corner as well.

He rebuts that this is the internet? Yes, yes it is. lol. Created a soap opera? We did not, he's the dumb5hit who posted and prob didn't expect for such an overwhelming response. Its ok Kevin...don't cry. Just shop at turners. Then you'll really have something to complain about.

And btw, if you have other crap hurting your bunger in life? Don't try to dirty other good peoples names just because you're a DUMBA55. The ppl at RG are kind enough to not post a video of you yammering away on your cell to your girlfriends about girls night out and all the hot guys you were crushing on. See? You aren't the only one who can inject content.

One more thing, I am pretty evil b*tchy&mean. Unapologetic. Blunt. To bad I don't have a shop for you to post about and say youre all butt hurt about how I treated you

Lastly, shame on you wearing service duty the way you have. It really means nothing except everything. Whats that mean? Its an honor to serve, to be an aegis for your people. But when you wear that service like entitlement makes you stink horridly. Racism as you pointed out, is false, everyone frigging knows it.

And they don't play favoritism, fcfs. ticky ticky ticky, ticket and a number sir. That's it. I would call myself pretty, but I on the occasions I've gone, haven't gotten special treatment, don't expect any. Everything is as it should be. Good down to earth, go out of their way to help you, informative, genuine awesome ppl. If you are ganna gun for a fight? Don't bring an airsoft rifle son~
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