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Bubbapug1: lol. uhhh thanks? I just get really mad easily. I have anger problems with jack asses And I <3 RG, they are all really good hearted people, their commitment, and dedication is so frigging rare ESPECIALLY in CA. It's why I'd love for them to sell more stuff like knives and other good kit, so I can just one stop shop with them And sorries I don't date from forums, :P hahaaha

Freonr22: Haha, EVERYONE needs love. But his attack on a woman using weight as an intro just shows poor form and that he's gunning for a fight.

GCOMA: So you're saying he is 44, still lives at home, and his handle fastkevin, means he plays to much racing gameage online?!

Riflelover: You just made me puke a

RX944: You don't happen to live in Newport and rock a Porsche 944, with an LS1 with a supercharger do you? If so, its LS13!!!! The chick from the base meets, cpl years ago, 13 coupe, built up ls1 all motor? White car, electron red cage, red calipers, red bride seats, with a pooh bear on a noose hanging from rollcage rear? I kept eating doritos like a fiend!!! On another note, everyones just dogpiling cause the dude was a shmuck! He was trying to sully RG's name, and for what? What exactly for?
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