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I did a couple, just tried out the second one for the first time yesterday. I recommend the reamer. I used an 11/16 drill bit and ended up with a slightly loose fit. ..Anyone want a 11/16 bit, use twice ??. Not sure if fit was the cause, since I just used second hand factory barrels, but I was getting about 5" groups at 100yd with the scoped one. The iron sights rifle is tighter. I could tell by the sound when drilling it that it was vibrating less. Funny thing is when I did that one I used a slightly higher rpm. Oh well, gonna tighten up the v block, bed the barrel and try it again today. Maybe need to spring for a GM barrel.....
I did mine on a mill. A jig will save a bunch of time. To center the barrel hole with the jig you'd need to make a bushing. The other option is to replace the jigs bushing with 21/32. I have not seen a jig, but I assume the bushing can be pressed out and replaced easily.
One other bit of advice I'd offer is to check the action before finishing. I had to mill about 0.003 out of the top of one of mine for the bolt to slide smoothly. I smoothed it out with 600 grit paper. Both are anodized finish.

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