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Originally Posted by Calif Mini View Post
OP: Question.

If you use a 21/32" bit to drill the barrel hole, How will you keep it centered in the 11/16" (22/32") drill bushing the TM jig has?

I think the reamer will follow where the original hole is drilled and if off center, even half of the space difference (1/64" or .0156") the barrel hole could also be off - even if using the jig.

I would be interested in what others have experienced and the best precautions that are available.

I haven't used my jig yet, but on the AR jigs they bushing isn't that tight meaning it isn't a super close tolerance fit. I use the bushings to locate the exact center of the hole and then drill it out. I would be willing to guess (just a guess) that even if the hole is off 1/64" as long as it is straight and square it should be good.

I'm sure others with experience will chime in here shortly.

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