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Default Having fun with a 10/22 build

Ok I wanted to build a rifle! an AR or an AK...nah. I thought I'd start with baby steps, and do a 10/22.

Well I contacted Woodey, got into the build party and bought a receiver...
Ok I guess I need to start reading and buying components. Thanks for the parts list and links in the build party thread.
Then I took my old 10/22 apart, wow that was easy!

Since I'm lucky enough to have a nice shop(there's two thing I buy when I can and never sell...Tools and Guns) and wow a new project, time for some new tools!!!
Got my new drill bits, a tap, and an adjustable reamer. When I got my new SS barrel I checked it to the stock Ruger barrel and guess what, different size!
Now I don't know if it is a big difference, but it was different (.0015" to .002")
No it's not 15 thousands, it was 1.5 to 2 thousands. So I'm thinking if everybody uses a 11/16" drill bit, wont some barrels be loose and others might be way tight! I've worked with Al. in a lot of projects so I went with a 21/32" bit and an adjust reamer. thought I play with them tonight, and this is what I found.
In this picture(sorry it was a phone camera) but the hole on the right is just drilled and the others were reamed. Definitely better with the reamer and took five tries to get the reamer the right size. Now the Ruger barrel fits pretty good. But what I was thinking is the new barrel is to tight to just push in with my hands but I heated the aluminum to about 200 deg. and it dropped right in. when it cooled it was tight, but I could move it with a wrench and when I heated it again it came right out!
Does any one have a reason why I shouldn't install the barrel this way?

Can't wait to get my hands on the receiver and get this build going!!!

On a related note...
I was at the Sac. gun show today and 2 different dealers said that the DOJ was working to stop the practice of buying/selling 80% lowers for home building!!! Has anyone heard anything about this??? Any truth to what they said???

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