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Originally Posted by Redman1183 View Post
I've got a 10/22 and 2 795's. Out of the box the Marlin's are more accurate than my Ruger. It also seems like they are accurate with a wider range of ammo. My 10/22 doesn't like Federal Bulk ammo, never any failure to fire or anything like that but accuracy is less with the Federal than CCI Blazers. I do like the ease of disassembly and the trigger group in the 10/22 though. The best thing is for now, I don't have to worry about how much I may spend "pimpin' out" the Marlins because the aftermarket support just isn't the same as the 10/22.....yet!!!
here's a couple of my custom dress up kits for my 10/22 and 795

Here's my Ruger and Marlin 795 collection
Marlin 795 in a SCAR

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