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Originally Posted by erik_26 View Post
Let’s say the foundation would be a Turret style (Dillon brand?) press. .223 reloading.
With a turret press, how easy is it to retool (switch from .223 to .44 mag to 9mm to 45....etc)?
Originally Posted by Chief-7700 View Post
Since when did Dillon start making a Turret style press?
Originally Posted by Chief-7700 View Post
My question was not meant to be smart. Just a question that all.
I think the point there is that Dillon does not make a turret, they only make progressive?
Veteran reloaders help me out here please
I've read this entire thread 3 or 4 times through and my summary is:
1) Everyone seems to love all their different loaders, so not much help for us noobs there...
2) Nearly everyone that buys an inexpensive loader eventually buys a more expensive one (yep, I see that)
3) Several people think it's BEST to start with one of the inexpensive kits. (I can't argue against that)
4) Some think it's better to start with the biggest baddest progressive unit (buy once cry once theory?)

What I have NOT read anywhere in here is "I bought XYZ cheap kit and HATED IT", instead I do see several "I started with XYZ cheap kit and I still use it today even though I own and use several others"

I liked what WTKAISER wrote a few messages above and I see great value what he said. While I was leaning toward a Dillon for many different reasons, I'm now leaning away from it for a starter unit for a couple good reasons. #1 it's a progressive and I'm new to this. #2 it only does handgun rounds and I'd like to reload a couple different handgun and a couple different rifle rounds.
That being said I'm now leaning toward either a Lee Turret or the 50th Anniversary Breech Lock with a heavy sway toward the Turret already. That said, there seems to be 2 Turret kits listed on the Lee website ,the Classic and the Value. Cabela's has the Classic for $220 right now and also lists a "Deluxe Turret Press Kit" for $114... I'm guessing more comes with the Classic than the Deluxe? Cabela's website doesn't exactly list everything so think some more googling is in order.
*Answered one of my own questions*
The interweb is telling me that the Classic is a better design in 2 obvious ways. #1 it drops the primers through a tube instead of on the bench/table and #2 it's cast iron where the Deluxe is cast aluminum.

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